The Comparison Among Blu Ecigarettes And V2 E-Cigs Now

November 13th, 2013

Which Is Greater: V2 Electronic Cigs Or Blu Electric Cigarettes? For individuals who are testing electronic cigarettes for the very first time, mini ecigs are the way to go. The minis appear the same as traditional cigarettes with its dimensions, shape and glowing point. Two of the most widely used mini e-cigarette manufacturers are Blu Cigs as well as V2 Cigs. Let us check them side by side to help you compare their features and select the best choice for you.

Battery pack Ability

Automated batteries are available from Blu Electric Cigs while V2 Ecigarettes offers both manual and automatic to clients. Automatic electronic cigarettes enables people use them straight away. A little button is required for manual batteries to be pushed in order to activate it. It may not be a fluid action but pressing the switch actually provides you with a more consistent vapor on each draw. You will find three types of Blu E Cigs batteries: Original, Premium, and Premium 100. For every of the Original and Premium battery power packs, folks could make up to 100 puffs. Even though the Premium 100 batteries last longer, the ones from V2 Electric Cigs still are better compared to them.

The light cigarette smokers could finish a battery from Blu E Cigarettes in about four hours, while heavy smokers can easily drain this in 2. There are a few users from Blu E Cigs that have complained of their battery dying out in just a number of draws and having to wait an hour for it to charge totally. The batteries from V2 Electronic Cigarettes come in three types which are the short, standard along with long. V2 Electronic Cigs electric batteries are known to take around 5 hours before running dry for hefty smoking while infrequent smoking can last up to a few days. There are a few users who have been through 2-3 cartridges before running dry on their electric batteries. Electric batteries from V2 will require around 1-2 hours before they are entirely charged up.

Johnson Creek will be the maker of the e-liquid right from Blu E Cigarettes. Folks can choose from a wide range of flavors for their liquid. Individuals can also choose various strength quantities from Blu Electronic Cigarettes. You will find the same amount of nicotine on the Original and Premium cartridges as that of a pack of cigarettes while the Premium 100 is equivalent to that of one and a half.

The cartomizer in V2 Electric Cigarettes can last around 150-200 puffs which is equivalent to 20-30 cigarettes. The company is also accountable for selling their e-liquid solutions which is less pricey than others. V2 Electronic Cigs takes the safety of their customers seriously, which is the reason they test every batch of e-liquid they get and publish the outcomes in the web. Those who wants to know the components of their products can also download the list online.

Beginner Packages as well as Throw Aways

Both of those V2 E-Cigarettes and also Blu Electronic Cigs provides customers with disposable goods. Non reusable electronic cigarettes from Blu E-Cigs last approximately 400 puffs while those from V2 can generate close to 450.

Kits that are capable of providing the basic necessities to begin vaping is great for people that may wish to do the switch straight away. The newbie kits from V2 E Cigarettes are six all in all with each one made to complement the cost and style of each individual.

Blu Electronic Cigarettes merely offers one type of starter kit for each of the Original, Premium, and Premium 100 battery designs. A movable battery charger is incorporated in all of the novice kits from Blu E-Cigarettes. The identical size and shape of a flip-top box, the Blu Pack works both as an on-the-go charger and a storage space for your extra electric batteries and cartridges. Both of these brands will have a 30 day money-back guarantee as well. The guarantee from V2 E Cigs may last for a lifetime while Blu E-Cigs supplies only a year in its warranty.


The price of maintaining a pack-a-day routine on V2 Ecigarettes can be as few as $1.49 whereas vapers pay $1.92 for Blu E Cigarettes. The 43-cent difference may not be huge but if you refill your V2 Ecigs capsules with e-liquid, you can save a large amount in one calendar year. For just $29.95 you have access to a 50ml bottle of V2 E-liquid which is equivalent to 50 packs of regular cigarettes – decreasing your pack-a-day cost to a whopping 60 cents!

V2 E Cigs also offers the most affordable entry basic starter kit among premium brand names at $24.95. If you need brand new critical information on V2 coupon code, then you've got to view V2 Cig coupon. The lowest priced that Blu Cigs offers for their core kit is in $69.95. It's best to have a look at Blu Cigs discount coupon code to help convey more tips.


Blu Ecigs is great for smokers who are interested in learning e-cigs. The reason being they look and taste just like real tobacco cigarettes and nothing new is necessary to be learned for them to enjoy this. Their Blu Pack is particularly accurate as they imitate the look and function of flip top boxes today. All of the products from Blu Ecigs works effectively with the exception of its low overall performance battery.

In the mean time, V2 Electric Cigarettes provides users with the finest quality and price totally in one basic system. V2 Ecigarettes is seen as a better choice within the electronic cigarette industry due to the low price, better options and more powerful fumes.

Electronic Cigarettes – A Healthier Way!

February 6th, 2013

Do you need to realize how to get rid of smoking cigarettes the easiest possible way, then read more. Some tobacco users who need to give up have used the assistance of experts in order to get them through to this process. So now, have you considered the most current fad on electronic cigarettes that’s thought of as the latest tobacco replacement?

Okay, in spite of the good thing about this so-called e-cigarette, the burning discussion yet persists regarding the safety as well as results of this product when compared with smoking an actual cigarette.

Their utilizations are different from each other though for the untrained eye both of these appears to be truly the same. It’s well known that genuine cigarette smoking will be hazardous to health because of the smoke that’s being constituted of smoking. The e-cigarette, on the contrary, employs battery-propelled heat in order to vaporize numerous levels of liquid form nicotine or propylene glycol inside a cartridge. The vapor which is often being discharged will be puffed by a smoker while not having any real smoke.

You’ll find a variety of tasting e-cigarettes and thus there are more and more people who wish to try it. In addition, the very fact that these are designed and appear much like a true cigarette it stimulates the social appeal of smoking and may induce the cigarette experience for ex-smokers and the young adults.

From now on there’s no need to consider stopping smoking, there is help and now it will be very much like smoking minus the health hazard. Now that you’ve learned how e-cigarettes can considerably work with you in order to turn away from smoking.

Many new E-cig consumers are not fully aware of this but you can easily save with big ecig brands like Green Smoke with a simple coupon. The Green Smoke coupon is known for giving 10% off and the V2 cigs coupon is known for giving out 15% off.